Welcome to the North Georgia GMRS Website.

Commercial-Grade Network

Our community repeaters are top-of-the-line, commercial-grade systems and provide 100% continuous duty for our network. Best of all, access to our network is a perk of being a member.

Large Coverage Area

Our coverage area includes most of the State of Georgia, as well as parts of southeast Tennessee and areas in North Carolina.


Membership in our organization and use of our network is a plus. Membership dues provide additional membership perks and keep our network running.


North Georgia GMRS Association
Welcome to our Website

Dear Friends, Fellow Members & Perspective New Members,

Again, Welcome and thank you for taking the time to stop by.

We look forward to making your experience painless, informative, and rewarding as you consider looking into our group and perhaps becoming a member.

Spring of 2018 brings our North Georgia GMRS group to its 11th year of operation. We have grown in record numbers and still plan to grow in membership as the New Year rolls in.

Our growth in 2017 was one of the best years ever. As we enter into 2018 our paid membership listing is as follows: as of    (11-8-2017)

Licensed Members:          175

Amateur Operators:           87

Unit Numbers Assigned:   498

Feel free to explore our website and discover the fun and versatility  in taking advantage of our Area Wide Repeater System, throughout the State of Georgia.

Our mission is to remain a premier GMRS organization and provide expanded communication opportunities, as well as learning more about radio communications in general.

In addition, we strive to assist those members who seek to learn more about the Amateur Radio world. Even though Amateur Radio and GMRS communications are very different, they are similar in likeness, because it involves one common denominator. That being the member who seeks to learn.

We will continue the nightly net, Monday thru Friday at 8:00pm, on our network. Feel free to join in the fun and contribute to the conversation.

Annual Membership Dues will be required to be paid by any member who chooses to remain a member of the North Georgia GMRS Group., or any New Applicant who seeks membership into the group.

This year we are offering several different levels of membership into the North Georgia GMRS organization.

You will find the Membership Level and cost that will best serve your needs as a North Georgia GMRS Member, under the Membership tab, here on this web page.

Please visit and join our Facebook page at North Georgia GMRS Network, and join in on the many discussions concerning the below listed topics and activities as they unfold.

  • What kind of GMRS approved radio to buy and where.
  • What is the best type of Base and or Mobile antenna to buy, for maximum performance
  • How you can get involved in helping support our vast network of repeaters.
  • How to join the Net Control Operations Staff.
  • Who to see and talk with, about becoming an Amateur Radio Operator.
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of proper GMRS communications.
  • Scheduling of training classes.
  • Volunteer opportunities within North Georgia GMRS.
  • Annual Picnic.

I look forward to our growth this year and the future GMRS opportunities that await us!

Gary M. Beckstedt Sr.
ATL-60, WQYU407
WB4GMB- Amateur
North Georgia GMRS