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Commercial-Grade Network

Our community repeaters are top-of-the-line, commercial-grade systems and provide 100% continuous duty for our network. Best of all, access to our network is 100% Free.

Large Coverage Area

Our coverage area includes most of the State of Georgia, as well as parts of southeast Tennessee and areas in North Carolina.


Membership in our organization and use of our network is free. Donations provide additional membership perks and keep our network running.


April 27, 2016

Dear Friends and Fellow GMRS Enthusiasts,

WOW, it’s that time of year again and I have so much to share with everyone.  But first, I want to take a few mins and give a special “ THANKS “ to the members of the group who donated funds last year and to those who donated all the HARD WORK and long hours, in making the current system what it is today.

“We could have never of done this alone, without your help! “


2016 shows great promise for new and exciting opportunities to set up additional sites in south and west Georgia. Please refer to www.MyGMRS.com for current and up to date information on all our tower sites.

Please keep in mind, our overall goal is to provide GMRS coverage along the major travel corridors, populated areas and the North Georgia Mountains, where travelers, visitors, hikers, and boaters can experience our GMRS coverage.

With your help and support, we feel we are well on the way to making our GMRS system effective, reliable, and fun to use for our members and transient travelers.  Our expenses are not just about buying up equipment and installing expensive Heliax and antennas on tall towers. It’s not always that glorious and fun.

Next week we begin the wonderful tasks of heading out to our sites and engaging with, wasps, rattle snakes, wild hogs and hot humid days as we check over the sites, kill the unwanted, chop down the brush, and cut the acres of grass that loves to grow so quickly.  Our funds are used for travel gas, mower maintenance, system maintenance and lots and lots of GATOR AID too! It all adds up and goes fast. We also have Insurance payments for our General Liability coverage at our tower sites.

Back in 2008 when we first got started and it was getting crazy with spending money and working long hard hours up on these towers. In a justification for what we were doing, I made this statement…

“Build It. They will Come.”

Oh how true this has become.  Keep on coming, there is plenty of room!

Please donate what you can. Your donations are vital!

Remember, when using Pay Pal, please select theSend Money to Friends or Family” selection.  This will allow your full donation to be applied.  If you select the “Goods or Services option, a percentage is subtracted from the donation before we see the funds.

Since 2007 our membership has continued to grow each year, and I am proud to say that North Georgia GMRS is recognized around the country as a Model GMRS Organization. Our diverse membership brings to our membership a wide range of members who come from all walks of life and skill set.

NGGMRS Growth Chart

As of today, we have 351 Licensed Members in our group.  From these 351 members, we have 1210 issued unit numbers.  Within our unit numbers, we have 48% of these units are also, Amateur Radio Operators, bringing that total to 167.

Please consider what this system means to you and your family and join in with many of us and help keep our system alive and healthy with your token of support.

Visit our website, www.northgeorgiagmrs.com and visit the donations page and click on the Donations Tab, or feel free to send a check or money order to:

North Georgia GMRS, Inc.
#3 Hobbitt Trail
Newnan, GA, 30263.

Thanks again, and stay safe!

Gary M. Beckstedt Sr.

North Georgia GMRS

News – A North Georgia GMRS Repeater Supports Rescue of a Lost Hiker in The Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Lost Hiker FoundThanks to the efforts of Top of The World Landowners Association (TOWLA) volunteers and the new GMRS Radio System provided by the North Georgia GMRS Network, a lost hiker was found and reunited with her family.


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