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Wall of Fame

Thank YouContributors
To all that have donated we would like to give you a huge thank-you!  Without your financial support this network and its continued growth would not be possible.  A special Thank-you for all of you that have helped by volunteering their time, materials and energy to help get this network on the air. Without each of you this would not have been possible.



Gary M. Beckstedt, SrGary Beckstedt / WQFU865 / ATL-60
This network wouldn’t have been possible without Gary.  It has been his vision and passion that has brought this Network to a reality.  Not to mention a lot of his money and many, many hours of hard work.  His dream is to make available an alternate means of communications for friends and family to be able to reach each other.  We thank him for his vision and share in his dream.



Dianna DiOrioDianna DiOrio / WQIT856 / ATL-64
Thank You! Thank You!  Thank You…Dianna has been with us from day one.  Ready to grab a rope, hoist a tower section, and tell me I’m nuts when it comes to what we do best….oh by the way…she can drive a tractor and cut 4 acres of grass in no time.  However, my deepest thanks go to her for her hard work and unwavering patience in the creation and development of our website.  Without her great work, all of this would not be possible.  “ Thank You”.



Bracy PoppellBracy Poppell / WPYE419 / ATL-80
Bracy is a great asset to our team. With both his technical wisdom and hard working spirit, he is ready to pitch in and make things happen.  I truly believe his motto is “Have harness, will climb”.  Bracy has provided invaluable support in ALL tower projects and helps whenever he can.



Gary OwnsbyGary S. Ownsby / WQOF749 / CHAT-40
Gary & his company, Smoky Mountain Webs provides web design & hosting for our website.  Though he is one of our newest members, he jumped right on-board with us.  The GMRS “bug” bit and he now owns & operates the Chat-700 Repeater in Chattanooga.  The site provides service to the East Brainerd area of Chattanooga.

Gary is also an amateur radio operator (ham) with the call sign of AK4ZX.