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Marine GMRS

Are you Missing the Boat?

The GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) is ideal for marine use in addition to land use as well, but it hasn’t caught on. Are boat owners aware they can use this UHF radio service with up to fifty watts of transmit power to communicate with home and friends also on GMRS?

Are you aware that a GMRS FCC license covers all of your relatives including those not living in your own household?

Are you aware that using a marine radio on land is against FCC Rules!

But a GMRS base station on land is part of the deal when you get your GMRS license? 

Sounds like lots of marine users are missing the boat. Maritime communities that need a way to communicate with friends and family on the boat from land should look closely at the GMRS Repeaters that North Georgia GMRS offers as a communications option.

Our local repeaters provide a Wide Area Coverage for Lake Lanier, Lake Allatoona and many more of the smaller bodies of water in and around the North Georgia area.  Marine, Mobiles, Portables and Base Stations alike will enjoy a full coverage signal within our repeater areas.

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